Monthly archives: July, 2013

Bass, fishing lures and when and which colors work best

Found this article months ago and have found it to be very useful when picking out colors for bass fishing this year. It explains why certain colors work better at some depths, gill flash, the structure of a bass eye a bit, they are so light shy and active in dim lighting.   Click here…

Team Baitmate’s Early Summer Tournament Season wrap-up

Team Baitmate has been busy, as part of the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series they began fishing in weekly tournaments since early May. Moving fish schools, uncooperative weather and sharks made it a tough season for everyone. The final week of tournaments Team Baitmate pulled out a 4th place win during the PTTS Mega Money Championship….

Introducing Baitmate News

Welcome to the Baitmate – fish attractant News Page On our news page you will be able to get the latest updates on products direct from the crew at Baitmate. Find out the latest news about fish, new fishing techniques and interesting ways to catch a fish. We will also be posting updates on Team…