Confidence is Key

July-Article---Confidence-is-Key-3For all fishermen and fisherwomen no matter what species we are after, the questions of which baits and tactics should we use cross our minds on every outing we go.

For a musky fisher these questions can turn the bow of a boat into a bait blanket. This past 4th of July weekend, I had the opportunity to take my uncle out on a new body of water he had never fished. While on the way to the lake, I filled him in on the following; water clarity, species of fish that share the water, bait fish, etc. This critical information leads to many variables to get a musky in the boat. We fished a few different turns and structures in the morning with no luck seeing a fish. Our tactics switched to following bait fish out in open water, finally a fish, 2 consecutive casts with 2 different baits. As muskies do, it followed both baits and took it’s business back down to the deep. I decided to leave it alone and come back later on.

 Musky Innovations BullDawg Electric Walleye

Musky Innovations BullDawg Electric Walleye

Many questions were heavy on my mind, so I turned to confidence. I found a bait I’ve caught fish on, knew how it worked and imitated it’s prey. For me it was a Bulldawg! Low and behold we went back to that musky almost 2 hours later and it agreed, a walleye pattern Bulldawg was a great choice! Now I’m not saying everything I did was spot on, but without confidence in a bait or a technique, I don’t think we would have seen that fish again.

imagejpeg_0Taking a few baits with you instead of your whole fishing arsenal can make a difference. Learning and being proficient with those few baits will build your confidence with what you have in your boat. Give it a try, no matter what species you are after. Sometimes it’s not just about landing the fish but enjoying yourself while learning knew techniques.

As the saying goes, “A bad day of fishing IS ALWAYS better than a good day of work.”

Till then, tight lines and FISH ON!

– Adam Stenz

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