The future of ice fishing

I wanted to take a few moments and reflect on a value that is very near and dear to me, that I believe does not catch as much attention nowadays as it should.

That is, getting the youth involved in the outdoors and spreading the word! I have been blessed an honored to have been introduced to the great sport of fishing and the outdoors at such a young age. I give all the credit to my family, that share the same love and passion as I do. A lot of people don’t think that kids get involved with fishing anymore, I believe that’s false. It more so goes along with how we promote and share with others about their involvement. With that being said, I wanted to share some helpful tips and ideas I use when taking a younger child out on the ice for the day.

Tip number one, always make sure they are being involved. For example, while you go out and drill your hole for the day, hand them your skimmer and have them follow you around scooping out the holes. They love knowing their importance.

Baitmate-blog-photo-kid-ice-fishing-snowmanTip number two, show and tell.  With all latest and greatest technologies we have today, they are bound to ask a million questions. Demonstrate to them how a flasher works, show them how to work the underwater camera! I love being able to let them test out all the Baitmate Website products as well, to see which one catches the most fish! These are all great toys that can make it enjoyable and most importantly keep them interested.

Tip number three, if fishing is a little bit on the slow side and it’s a tough bite, I like to have a football or some sort of option to pass time in between tip ups or moving to the next spot.

And finally tip number four, always have snacks and beverages for them! I learned real fast that if fishing is slow, you don’t want a hungry little angler on top of that. When you think about it, this really is an easy goal to accomplish!

I hope that these few tips will not only help all in the near future, but most importantly encourage more of you to spread the word. After all, the youth are the future beholders of this great sport, why not teach them right!  With that, I wish you all good luck and maybe I’ll see you on the water.


Fish on!

Adam Stenz
Baitmate Sponsored Angler